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How to order

How do I order?


To order online, it is advisable to create an account on the website www.vin-et-reves.ch.

1. After choosing the product you want, press the "Add to basket" button. The product will be added to your shopping cart. You can continue browsing the site or choose other products.

2. To see which products you have selected, press the "My cart" button.

3. After you have added all the products you want to buy, press the "My cart" button, and then if you want to complete the order, press "Next".

4. In the new page that will load, you will see the "Send Order" option. Press this button and your order is almost ready, you only have one more step!

5. If you did not log in before starting shopping, a window will open in which you must enter the data required for the order.

6. If you are already registered, you only need to enter the contact data that will be used to contact you and to deliver the products to you later.

7. After all these steps, we will gladly take your order.

How do I pay?


The products are paid to the courier who delivers the order together with the delivery fees included in the invoice value.

For orders under 99 CHF, shipping costs are 40 CHF. Orders over 100 CHF receive free shipping.

How do I receive the products?

Fast courier

The products sold on this website are delivered using fast courier services.

The total value of the transport will be displayed in the shopping cart before placing the order.