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Budureasca Premium Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2013

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VINEYARD NOTES: The remarkable qualities of the climatic conditions of Budureasca vineyards offer the white wines elegant floral aromas and a fruity taste. The aromatic white wines, such as Tamaioasa Romaneasca or Muscat Ottonel, are also of an exceptional quality due to the advantages offered by the natural conditions of the terroir and long period of sunlight.


VINTAGE REPORT: In 2013, the average temperature in July, an essential month for wine, was 23,8°C, effective 2099 hours heatstroke and rainfall in the months of vegetation of 350 mm. Which is translated into an excellent harvest and a wine to match.


WINEMAKING: It is produced from two kind of grapes: one part coming from young vine that give the wine more fresh and fruity flavours, and the other part comes from vines over 45 years to extract complete and full-bodied wine. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at 10-12°C for three weeks. After fermentation, the wine is kept on its lees for 2-3 months applying the technique called batonaj.


SERVING: 10-13˚ Celsius. Excellent with seafood, pasta and mature full bodied cheeses.


ANALYSIS: Alc=13,0%; Total acidity (g/l in tartric acid) – 7,02, Dry – 3,85 g/l.

Budureasca Premium Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2013 DOC-CT

VARIETY: 100% Tamaioasa Romaneasca.

Brand of wine: Budureasca

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White wine