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Dulce ECO 2014 (Organic Sweet)

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Sweet White Wine; DOC-CT Dealu Mare

Technical details:

  • Alcohol: 11.5%
  • Total acidity: 6.5 gr./l
  • Residual sugar: 78 gr./l

Tasting notes

Produced from a selection of aromatic grape varieties, our late harvest organic wine invites to a delight of the senses with its strong scent of exotic fruits, ripe pears and Polyfloral honey. The rich taste is balanced by a lively acidity that leaves a pleasant and persistent sensation.


Food pairing

Perfect for hot summer days along with apple, pear or fresh cheese and raisins pie.


Recommended serving temperature 6 °C


Viile Metamorfosis range offers a generous selection of international and local varieties, a superb example of the grapes that thrives in our vineyards from Dealu Mare, valorized either as mono-varietals or in blends. The style emphasizes the character of the grape varieties and the ageing process in large and small capacity oak barrels was used exclusively for the red wines and only to add complexity and elegance to the wines.

Brand of wine: Metamorfosis

Wine's color

White wine