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Gitana Winery

La Petite Sophie

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Soil: Clay texture


Vinification: In this blend the element of innovation is presented by blending a classic oaked portion of Chardonnay  with a fruity non-malo unwooded portion of Riesling de Rhein and Feteasca Regala. The style is classic, cool climate Chardonnay with voluptuous bright authoritative fruit tones layered on harmonious oak flavours, all balanced in a synonymous elegance!


Tasting Notes: Colour: crystal clear, golden straw yellow with greenish reflections

The wine La Petite Sophie Gitana has subtle tropical and citrus aromas with  pineapple, stonefruit and apple flavors. Oak  and vanilla balance out the flavors on the  palate. Nicely balanced with weight on the   mid-palate leading into a crisp, fresh finish.


Analytical data:
Alcohol 14,0%
Total acidity (g/l) 7,0
Reducing sugars     3,9


Food recommendations: It is recommended for seafood dishes, fish and white meat dishes. An excellent accompaniment to lobster and other shellfish, or sushi.


Recommended temperature for consumption: 14-16 ° C.

Range: Premium / Limited Edition


Grape Variety: This is a blend of Riesling de Rhein, Feteasca Regala and Chardonnay

Type: Mature High quality wine, white, dry


Vintage: 2013.

Brand of wine: Gitana Winery

Wine's color

White wine