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M1 Crama Atelier

Sable Noble Murfatlar

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VINEYARD NOTES: Latitude: 44º10’ – 44º20’ northern latitude; Longitude: 28º00’- 28º30’ east longitude; Climate: temperate continental, influenced by the Danube and Black Sea; Relief: slightly wavy, slopes 4-5%; Type of soil: carbonated chernozem. The soils are at an altitude above sea level between 20 – 85 m. The dominant soil is carbonated chernozem with good permeability and moderate humus content. This blend is made from the grapes of Feteasca Neagra, Farm 3, parcels 1146 and 1148, located at an altitude of 66 m, from SE, with 205 days of vegetation in 2013, planted in 2007; grapes of Merlot, Farm 11, parcels 346 and 348, located at an altitude of 35 m, from S, with 202 days of vegetation in 2013, planted in 2004; grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Farm 6, parcels 562, 564 and 568, located at an altitude of 52 m, from S, with 201 days of vegetation in 2013, planted in 2003.

VINTAGE REPORT: In 2013, the average temperature in July, an essential month for wine, was 23,8°C, effective 2099 hours heatstroke and rainfall in the months of vegetation of 350 mm. Which is translated into an excellent harvest and a wine to match.

WINEMAKING: The grapes selected from the best vineyards were harvested by hand and vinified separately. The permanent mixing of the juice in fermentation with the grape skins assured typical varietal aromas extraction, color and tannins. The young wine was kept for maturation in oak barrels for a period of 14 months. The blend of the three components was made after a rigorous tasting of the wines from each barrel.

SERVING: 16°- 18° Celsius. Excellent with dishes of lamb, grilled vegetables and mature full bodied cheeses.

ANALYSIS: Alc=13,0%; Zah=3,0g/l; pH=3,53; AT=5,71; AV=0,60.

VARIETY: Feteasca Neagra (50%) & Merlot (30%) & Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) DOC-CMD MURFATLAR

TASTING NOTES: The color is deep red, mature with brick hues. Aromas of blackberry, blueberry and black cherry, nuanced by a smooth tobacco flavor. On the palate we find a taste of ripe berries, dry plums and suave vanilla notes. The wine is soft and velvety with that subtle minerality that features the characteristics of the vineyards.

Brand of wine: M1 Crama Atelier

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