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M1 Crama Atelier

Sable Noble Murfatlar

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VINEYARD NOTES: Latitude: 44º10’ – 44º20’ northern latitude; Longitude: 28º00’- 28º30’ east longitude; Climate: temperate continental, influenced by the Danube and Black Sea; Relief: slightly wavy, slopes 4-5%; Type of soil: carbonated chernozem. The soils are at an altitude above sea level between 20 – 85 m. The dominant soil is carbonated chernozem with good permeability and moderate humus content. This blend is made from the best grapes of Sauvignon Blanc, Farm 15, parcels 71/6, 71/6/1, east exposition, planted in 2003, Chardonnay, Farm 1, parcels 1657/1, 1655/1, south exposion, planted in 2000 and Pinot Gris, Farm 10, parcels 1079/ 92, 1079/94, east exposition, planted in 1981.

VINTAGE REPORT: In 2013, the average temperature in July, an essential month for wine, was 23,7°C, effective 2164 hours heatstroke and rainfall in the months of vegetation of 649 mm. Which is translated into an excellent harvest and a wine to match.

WINEMAKING: The selected grapes from the best vineyards were harvested by hand and separately vinified in a combination of stainless steel tanks and Romanian oak barrels. After a period of 90 days on the fine lees the four components were assembled.

SERVING: 6°– 8° Celsius. Oceanic fish and seafood, meat, poultry and pork dishes, aromatic and slightly spicy oriental dishes (Thai), fresh goat cheese, salads and fruits.

ANALYSIS: Alc=14,3%; Zah=3 g/l; pH=3,41; AT=6,11; AV=0,49.


VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc (40%) & Chardonnay (40%) & Pinot Gris (20%) DOC-CMD MURFATLAR.

TASTING NOTES: The color of the wine is expressive, with shades of green and gold. Aromas of exotic fruits, golden melon and white peach combined in a symphony of intense fragrance with floral notes and fresh mowing hay. On the palate, the wine is complex and fresh, well balanced and offers a minerality and elegance derived from the limestone soils of the vineyards.

Brand of wine: M1 Crama Atelier

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